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breyton top 10 moments

top 10 of my favorites moments of brooke and peyton in OTH
MyOasis96AG : "He's on the door Peyton. He's on the DAMN DOOR under ME!!" -Brooke Davis **Die-Hard Brooke fan**

bjf1124 : always hated that Lucas came between when Brooke says i love you P Sawyer ..
Em 7 : It might be just me but I was against Brook dating Lucas in the first place in season 1. I think she knew Peyton liked him even if she denied it and still went on with it which caused all this turmoil later.
Caitlin Garv : I gotta say I was never a huge Peyton fan but I thought Brooke went way too far making jokes about Peyton's dead mother. I was so bitter towards Peyton after she and Luke went behind Brooke's back but Brooke just took it to a whole new level making jokes about somebodys dead mother not to mind that dead mother her being the mother of a girl who use to be her best friend and who she knew!
Prolui : "I am outta here over-possessive best friends with weird lesbian energy." Lol, that's hilarious.

Breyton Paulse - Electric Finisher

Electrifying. That is the best word to describe Breyton Paulse. He was a try scoring machine and in a professional game dominated by big men, he stood out.

Who would forget his back flips after scoring tries? What always stood out for me about Breyton is how he enjoyed the game and always played with a smile on his face.

He scored some memorable tries during his career and here we look at some of the best.

Enjoy, and thanks for watching!
Explore South Africa : Breytie was awesome!! Gave us so much pleasure with his skill and speed. Imagine playing a game of touch rugby (5 a side) against Breyton, Gio Aplon, Cheslin Kolbe, Aphiwe Dyanti and Senatla. OUCH!!!
DarkSendo94 : not wanting to be mean or rude
but what happened to south african backs coaching
all the back and even forwards in the older years are so fluid and creative yet the modern teams seem pretty one dimensional
Kotie Erwee : Based on this video it seems you can dedicate a whole video just to Bobby/Breyton tries. Legends of the game.
Chuck Kay : These videos are absolute gold. Thank you for these! They must take a huge amount of effort and footage to find. You’re a gift to SA rugby
Maaifoedie De La Rey : We have surely coached all skill and attacking flair out of our backline .... the curse of Ian McIntosh

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