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캐논 EOS 500D 들여다보기

캐논코리아컨슈머이미징(대표 강동환, www.canon-ci.co.kr)의 1,510만 화소 DSLR 카메라 'EOS 500D'를 자세히 알아보자.\r
'EOS 500D'에서 가장 눈에 띄는 기능은 풀HD 동영상 촬영 기능이다. 풀HD인 1920*1080에서 초당 20프레임, 1280*720과 640*480에서는 초당 30프레임을 지원하며, 연속촬영으로 최대 12분, HD와 SD에서는 각각 18분과 24분 동안 동영상 촬영이 가능하다\r
여기에, 캐논의 4세대 영상처리 엔진 '디직4(DIGIC 4)' 탑재로 1,510만 화소의 고화질 이미지도 빠르게 처리하며 초당 3.4매의 연사속도를 보여준다.
Wonpyo Kim : 0:10 APS-C 1500만화소 , 20p FHD녹화 , 초당 3.4연사
Mk lee : 영상 올리신지 11년만에 질문 하나 하는데, 저 인물 모드나 배경모드에서 촬영으로 바꾸려면 어떻게 해야하나요...
green color : 꿀팁감사합니다
김준석 : 오오 감사해요!
Daniel Oh : 안녕하세요 10년전에 120만원 주고 샀었는데 잊고 있다가 장농에서 발견 했네요 ㅋㅋㅋ
혹시 이거 풀 프레임 바디 인가요?? 애기만두 중고로 사서 쓸려고 하는데 가능한지 궁금한데 답변 주시면 감사해용 ㅎㅎ

Quick Video settings tutorial Canon EOS 500D

How to use the Canon 500d in video mode.

This video shows you how to use the 500d in video mode, how to change the frame rate, how to set the white balance so you can quickly set up the camera for video mode.
Dorset Creative : You will see at 2.37 I change the video size. This also changes the framerate.
• 1080p (1920) @ 20fps
• 720p (1280) @ 30fps
• VGA (640) @ 30fps
Are you wanting to do slow motion?
Soild to the Core Pilates : I’ve never used the video on my camera before but I’m going to try and video my pilates classes for my clients. This video has been really useful. Any tips on what I should/ shouldn’t do as I’m moving around standing then lying on the mat or will the ‘zoom in’ tip focus keep me in focus all the time? Any tips greatfully received !
Brandy B : OMG! Thank you so much for tutorial! I had lost the user guide and forgot how to operate my machine. <3 Super helpful!
Sophia Crisp : thank you this has really helped me understand how to focus :) 
Dorset Creative : You only have a very small range in the standard Canon software. If you want to play with feamerates, Your best bet would be to invest some time in learning the Magic Lantern software, there is not much you cannot change with that baby installed on your 500D. I use it every day in my 5D2, the best mod I have found are the focus assistants so if I don't have my external monitor, you can make sure your filming in focus!

Let me know how you get on. :-)

Does Your Camera Matter? (2021) - Sony a7c vs Canon 500d vs Nikon d3500 - samples and tests

I did this video years ago and people liked it so heres a new one with some different cameras. comment let me know your thoughts

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#doesyourcameramatter #Canon500d #nikon3500d
Optical Noise - Robert Harris : lemme know how many you guessed right?
M Jones : All the pictures look relatively the same, but what I noticed after a while is there is a shading difference. At 6:35 the white balance seems different. The first one is lighter than the other, and the last has more contrast. I want to say the first is the Sony....
Ajay Singh : All photos looks similar bro..but colour is little different
Ajay Singh : Nice bro.. Update from canon R3 is coming..
TMIDD : Nice video bro!




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